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Server Service

Infinity online services
Delivery Time
Infinity Box/Dongle Credits Any Quantity (Create New Username) $0.29USD 1-30 Minutes
Infinity-Box/Dongle 1 year Updates/Support Renew Chinese Miracle-2 included $35USD 1-30 Minutes
Infinity-Box/Dongle 2 years Updates Support Renewal Chinese Miracle 2 included (CM2) $52USD 1-30 Minutes
Infinity-Box/Dongle software activation for Infinity [BEST] Chinese Miracle-2 and 1 year support in $58USD 1-30 Minutes

GsmServer Products
Delivery Time
Octoplus FRP Tool Activation $45USD 1-30 Miniutes
Octoplus Huawei Tool Activation $78USD 1-30 Miniutes
Octopus Box Credits For Exiting Users (Instant) $0.14USD 1-5 Minutes
Octopus Box Credits For New Users (Instant) $0.14USD 1-5 Minutes
Sigma Pack 1 Activation Code $60USD 1-30 Miniutes
Sigma Pack 2 Activation $60USD 1-30 Minutes
Sigma Pack 3 Activation Code $60USD 1-30 Miniutes

Firmware Tools
Delivery Time
Easy Firmware Credits Any Quantity $0.95USD 1-3 Hours
Easy-Draw Tool Activation $50USD 1-6 Hours

Z3X Services
Delivery Time
Z3x Credits Pack 30 Pack $35USD 1-3 Hours
Z3x Credits Pack 50 Pack $60USD 1-3 Hours
Z3X LG Tool Activation $58USD 1-6 Hours
Z3X Samsung Pro Update $58USD 1-3 Miniutes

NCK Products
Delivery Time
Nck box / Dongle Yearly Activation (instant) $21.5USD 1-5 Minutes
NCK Box Dongle Credits $1.25USD 1-30 Minutes
Ultimate NCK Huawei Activation ( unlimited ) NCK AVB UMT $80USD 1-6 Hours
UMT Box/Dongle 1 Year Activation $21.5USD 1-5 Minutes
UMT MI Xioami credit available 1 Pack = 10 Credit $7.5USD 1-6 Hours

Delivery Time
Chimera Samsung (Username/Authenticatior) $80USD 1-6 Hours
Chimera Tool Credits $0.13USD 1-5 Minutes
Chimera Tool Pro (Username/Authenticatior) $128USD 1-6 Hours

Miracle Activation
Delivery Time
Miracle 1 Year Account Activations Instant $23USD 1-3 Hours
Miracle eMMC Plus Tool Activation $30USD 1-6 Hours
Miracle FRP Pack $30USD 1-6 Hours
MIRACLE HUAWEI Tool $30USD 1-6 Hours
Miracle Xiaomi Activation $25USD 1-6 Hours
Miracle Xiaomi Credit Any Quantity 100 pack only $0.3USD 1-6 Hours
Miracle Xiaomi Login Edition No need box / dongle $36USD 1-6 Hours
Miracle Xiaomi Login Edition Pack 25 credit No need box / dongle $30USD 1-6 Hours

Delivery Time
SamKey Samsung Credit to existing user $1.45USD 1-5 Minutes
SamKey Samsung New Account Any Quantity $1.45USD 1-5 Minutes
SamKey TMO Account 10 Credit (Instant) $17USD 1-5 Miniutes

UFI Box / Dongle
Delivery Time
UFI Box / Dongle Credit Package $0.95USD 1-30 Minutes

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